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2015 BMP Maintenance Verification Begins in July for San Diego Properties

June 24, 2015


If you manage a property located in San Diego that requires stormwater system maintenance, you will soon be receiving your annual BMP Maintenance Verification forms from the city. 

The city is mandated to verify that property owners / managers are conducting regular BMP maintenance, and does so through two methods:

1) Annual Maintenance Verification Form:
These forms are mailed out to property owners / managers in July each year. It is imperative to respond to these forms in a timely manner.

2) Periodic BMP Inspections:
Inspections generally begin following the completion of the Maintenance Verification Form process.

The Maintenance Verification process is timed such that property owners and managers are reminded to conduct BMP maintenance prior to the start of the rainy season on October 1st of each year. 

This information was obtained from the City of San Diego Stormwater Division. For more information, visit




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