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Giving Back: Annual Community Service Work

September 30, 2016

Every year for the past three years, our team has either hosted or participated in a community event in an effort to expand awareness of stormwater and polluted runoff. We figure the more people who know how stormwater impacts water quality, the better our chances to reduce water pollution as a community.


Has it really been three years?


We held our first event in May 2014. We decided to host a beach cleanup at Tourmaline Beach in North PB, and we partnered with San Diego Coastkeeper to make it all happen. Volunteers removed 94 pounds of trash from the beach!  


In 2015, we switched things up a bit. Instead of hosting a cleanup, we sponsored I Love a Clean San Diego's Coastal Cleanup Day event. Lots of fun!


This year, we thought we would change things up again. So last weekend we ran a booth at Adam's Ave Street Fair in Normal Heights. It was a very hot September weekend here in Southern California.




Our 3 Community Event Goals


We have three primary goals for our annual community events.


1. Share the stormwater story.

We want as many people as possible to understand what stormwater is and how it impacts water quality. There is a tremendous amount of pollution that enters the waterways in our communities via the storm drain system, and there is a lot of work that needs to be done to address this problem. The first step is community awareness. Our StormwaterAware community outreach campaign is designed to do just that: increase stormwater awareness. Join us on Facebook and Instagram

2. Bond and connect.

Getting our team together outside of our regular day-to-day work is a great way to bond and connect on a deeper level. We get to hang out in a completely different setting than normal. Presenting our work to the public as a team is very rewarding, and it allows each of us to think about how what we do impacts the community and the planet. Many people thank us for the work we do, and that definitely adds to our team's morale. 


4. Have fun.

Enough said! :)




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